A Weird Dream

This was a dream I had recently.

It starts as I was cycling to a unknown place,  as I past by a antique shop and seen a object that caught my eye, so I stop to have a better look at the object,  I don’t remember what the object was,  it was attached to a bike at the front of the shop, then I went to the shop next door, to get a bottle of water, as I come out I noticed the object was attached to my bike,  am not sure why but I cycled away,  but started to think what was that object,  so I stopped to have a look and try to take it off, as I was doing that 2 people where walking towards me a man and woman, the woman seen the object that .2I was taking off,  and she said something to the man,  all I heard was I want that thing,  at that point I started to cycle away,  as I got to end of the road I seen that man again with another man with him on a push bike,  one that two people can use, and then the first man shouted I what that object,  so I started to cycling as fast as I can,  but could not lose them,  I started to panic, so much that I want down a road with traffic coming at me trying to lose them,  I manage to gain a bit of a distinct between us, but I started to slow down,  I thought he was going to catch up,  so went up a steep hill thinking he can’t get out here,  and I was right he want the long way around,  so I lose them.

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