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Trying to Get a Dyslexia Test

I recently found out I was dyslexic, after many years of trying to get a test with no success, many years ago I went to my local doctor’s surgery and asked my doctor about the problems I’ve had all my life, I thought it was dyslexia after doing a screening test online, so I said that to my doctor and asked about getting tested, so she referred me to my local learning disability team, who said this

img008I disagreed with their comments, as intelligence has got nothing to do with learning difficulties, so I send them a letter, this was the first letter I ever sent.

I got a response, yet again it was much of the same, so I sent them another letter this went on, eventually 3 letters later and a lot of frustration, I got nowhere,

Many years later I started an open University course, I did not expect it to be easy, but I wanted to improve myself, i was having lots of problems, So I contacted the open University and thankfully They were very understanding and help me get a test with an educational psychologist.

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