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Another Weird Dream

Another dream I had.

It start off in city with a farmhouse next to a motorway with a large overpass, it has some sort of accent that takes out the overpass.  so we are a bit stranded at the farmhouse,  I think where was 5 of us, things started to get a bit weird, and Food and water were running out, so myself and one person decided to go and get more supplies, we had to walk some distance to get a bus for some reason, so we got on.  it started to go through the city center and we got held up as a accidents happen on the road, a pot hole sunken in and opened up,  leaving a big hole on one side of the street. it was night and we were still on the bus and weird thing started to happen,  office building seems to start collapsing for no reason,  so the bus driver decided it was not safe where we were,  he started dash through the traffic as more builders were coming down,  we got out of the city center to somewhere a bit more open,  at this point it was just the two of us in a field with some sort of cave next to us, as I look up i seen objects falling from the sky taking out buildings as they fall, objects that almost hit me if I didn’t dash into the cave, the city was chaos  and nobody knew what was going on. we eventually managed to get some supplies and head back to the farmhouse,  as a new day started it seemed as if everything was getting back to normal, cleaning crews were coming out too, but it still felt as something wasn’t right.



As I was trying to get back to sleep these images were going through my mind.

I start to picture myself walk down an old derelict railway track, which is pretty overgrown with a well worn path, as I walk through the old railway track with sun beating down on me,  and then the image changed in my mind,  to me in an office canteen trying to sleep with my co-workers laughing at me and thinking I am weird, for try to sleep in an office canteen,  and then I think to myself am I dreaming or is this reality,  which was answered as I walk up

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